Location 13 Al-Qa'im maqam Muhammed Al-zomor - Cairo
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Our Story

At Freddo, we are proud to be one of Egypt's leading refrigerator and display manufacturers. We have many years of experience, and we specialize in offering a high quality refrigeration solution for supermarket, hypermarket and many other enterprises. Our expertise extends to the manufacture of cold and freezing rooms, where we offer vertical and horizontal cooling and freezing rooms with varied sizes and materials. Since Fredo was founded in 1994, we have continued to be dedicated to offering first-class industrial cooling systems. In 1999, we decided to expand our vision by collaborating with JBG 2, which is renowned as one of the world's largest producers of refrigeration equipment. This partnership allowed us to serve a store from small to hypermarket and hotels. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond borders, where we have successfully implemented projects in Egypt, the Sudan, Libya, Mali, South Africa and Mozambique. We are now proud to have a branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, under the name "World of Refrigerators." We always strive to ensure our customers' maximum satisfaction. In order to provide unparalleled service and support, we occupy our maintenance center with more than 100 employees, including professional engineers and technicians, who are always ready to face challenges and solve problems. We see our customers as partners who contributed to our success, which is why making customer satisfaction our top priority. This is what constantly drives us to provide high quality products and exceptional service. Consider Freddo as your trusted partner in refrigeration solutions

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Our Vision

We aim to be the preferred partner for hotels, supermarkets, and hypermarkets across the globe. We achieve this by offering cutting-edge display refrigerators and cold storage solutions that not only optimize energy efficiency but also reduce environmental impact.
Our commitment revolves around three core principles: quality, reliability, and sustainability. We are dedicated to crafting a future where FREDDO Company is synonymous with excellence in refrigeration and manufacturing.

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Our Mission.

Our mission is to revolutionize the refrigeration industry by offering cutting-edge display refrigerators and cold storage solutions that exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and Energy efficiency.
We aim to remain at the forefront of cooling solutions manufacturing, ensuring that our products meet industry standards

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Our Services.

1. We provide Supply and installation of refrigeration and freezing rooms.
2. Supply and installation of display refrigerators for cooling and freezing of all types and categories.
3. Supply, assembly, and operation of all types of refrigeration and freezer units.
4. Periodic and comprehensive maintenance works for all types of refrigerators, cold rooms, and refrigeration units.
5. Transporting, delivering, and installing refrigerators and cold rooms for the client.
6. Supply, assembly, and operation of Rack Systems for refrigerators with the possibility of providing them with a monitoring system.

After-sales service:
1. We provide the best Warranty service on refrigerators, cold rooms, and refrigeration and freezing units.
2. We provide the best after-sales service through a team specialised in maintenance and regular follow-up to identify faults accurately. We will reach you wherever you are to fix the faults quickly and according to the specified date.

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