ANDY RDAN-29 2500


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• working temperature from 0°C to 2°C
• refrigerant: R744
• natural defrosting
• 2 x NTC temperature probe
• siphoned condensate drains
• exposition: zinc-plated steel, powder
coated in white (RAL 9003)
• 3 rows of suspended shelves, on shelves
and on air inlet price holders 39 mm
• lighting: top, LEDit, NW-4
• color of the base – black (RAL 9005)

Technical data:

Modules 1250 1875 2500 3750
Width* [mm]
Depth* [mm]
Height (±10 mm)* [mm]
Total Display Area (TDA)* [m2]
Net capacity* [dm3]

Additional settings:


1250, 1875, 2500, 3750



Designation of the energy efficiency class is dedicated to a particular products, which are presented on the website. Indicated energy efficiency class depends on a module type, equipment, glassing version and type of a refrigerant. Amendment of each of the said parameters may cause amendment of the energy efficiency class. Contact the producer to acknowledge the energy efficiency class for the product with different parameters to those presented on the website.


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